First dates are glorious.  Seriously, no joke.  Even when they’re so horrible or bizarre that you think you’re being Punk’d, they’re still great.  Sometimes they’re so outlandish that you have to be thankful for it just for the story alone.

I was having this very conversation the other day with a friend of mine, and she told me about a recent doozy that I just had to share – with permission of course!

So, dude says he wants to go indoor rock-climbing, and she’s game so he picks her up and off they go.  Outside the gym, he gives her a crash course on how to belay so that when they go in she’ll pass her test so that they can both belay for one another.  So far so good!  They get in and she passes her test with flying colours, and then he  pays for HIS pass and steps aside to put on his shoes and equipment.  She’s a bit taken aback that he didn’t pay for both of their passes, but ok, she shakes it off and gets herself all paid up and also gets her equipment on.

They move over to the climbing wall and she’s first to get her climb on.  She’s halfway up the wall, when quite suddenly and rather unexpected she realizes that she’s literally JUST gotten her period.  And not just a cramp or two and that feeling that you know it’s on its way – no.  It was a full on, flood gates open, get-me-down-from-here type emergency.

She comes down and excuses herself to the ladies room, to find no dispensers in site, and none of the girls working in the gym had anything to help her out either.  She had to go back to dude, and awkwardly tell him what had happened and that she can no longer climb.

He seems a bit bummed about it, but must realize there’s not much choice.  As if that all isn’t awkward enough, she has to get him to drive all over so she can get tampons and take care of the situation, which I was surprised to hear that he agreed to do.  However, she had to endure listening to him complain the whole time that he lost out on his $20 for the gym and didn’t even get to climb.  Really?  Ya, because choosing that moment to show how cheap you is really going to make the situation just that much more pleasant.

Ironically, and surprisingly enough, they have continued to see each other since then, but have agreed that all they have in common is great sex.  And sometimes that’s enough.