I was out with some friends a few weeks ago, and was introduced to this cutie who was the friend of an acquaintance.  We got to chatting, and I was kinda digging him and it seemed pretty mutual.  He was attractive, funny, intelligent, and the conversation flowed very easily.  So, we’re chatting and flirting away, and I was thinking, “wow, this guy seems really cool, I would love to exchange info and hang out with him sometime.”.

Then it happened.  Outta nowhere.  He reaches into his pocket, and pulls out……..a pack of cigarettes (insert Debbie Downer theme music here – mwah mwah mwaahhhh).  In that very instant he went from potential prospect to ‘nuh-uh’.  Just like that.  There’s something about even just the THOUGHT of kissing somebody with ashtray-mouth that makes me want to vomit.  It’s not even something I’ll entertain, no matter how cute or charming he may be.  I just can’t do it.  I was giving him a hard time about then cigarettes, trying to gauge how attached he was to them, but I guess as any smoker might be able to guess, his attachment was very real.  Le Sigh.  Bummer.

He had gone outside to light up a cancer stick, and in the meantime I had left the venue to head home.  He texted me a few times later that night to see if I’d come and meet him for a drink, but, aside from the obvious that “meet me for drinks” = invitation to booty call, I had to lay it down that I just can’t date a smoker.  Well, to be honest, I COULD date a smoker, but I choose not to.